I have worked 30 years as a teaching artist. My multi-disciplinary work is my way of passionately examining the connections between installation, performance and new media and I believe that art is most exhilarating when collisions are valued as an essential part of any process. My professional art career includes more than 15 years working as an artist and designer within the New York City experimental installation, performance and dance world, where I was the recipient of a Bessie Award in Scenic Design for Elizabeth Streb. I have had the pleasure of working for and collaborating with many groundbreaking artists and performers including Elizabeth Streb, Richard Foreman, Ron Vawter, Ron Athey, Lori Carlos, Reza Abdoh, Ann Hamilton, Meredith Monk, Bebe Miller, John Kelly, Reza Abdoh, Paul Lazaar, Radiohole, and Anne Bogart. My installation and design work has been exhibited internationally and I was awarded an Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award in 2013. I earned my MFA in Sculpture from Rhode Island School of Design and my BA self design in Visual Art and Performance from Antioch College.